SeniorsPlus Care Coordination is currently seeking Personal Care Agencies, Home Health Agencies, and Independent RN’s to serve consumers under Sections 19, 96, and 63 in Southern Maine.

For providers interested in contracting for Section 63: In-Home and Community Support Services for the Elderly and Disabled (HBC), please contact SeniorsPlus Care Coordination Policy and Contracts Manager by calling 207-440-2316 or emailing

For providers interested in contracting for Section 19:
Home and Community Benefits for the Elderly and for Adults with Disabilities (HCB) and Section 96: Private Duty Nursing and Personal Care Services (PDN), please contact Molina Provider Services at 1-866-690-5585 to learn more about enrolling as a MaineCare provider.

Provider Network
As a statewide Service Coordination Agency, SeniorsPlus Care Coordination coordinates services for consumers across Maine.  The provider network is a group of providers who are contracted with SeniorsPlus Care Coordination to provide services under Section 63 of the Office of Elder Services Policy Manual:  In-Home and Community Support Services for the Elderly and Other Adults (HBC) program.  We always welcome providers who want to join our network to provide services to our HBC consumers. The types of providers that contract with SeniorsPlus Care Coordination: 

  • Personal Care Agencies
  • Independent RNs
  • Home Health Agencies (RN, PT, OT, ST, and MSW)
  • Nursing and Residential Care Facilities (Respite)
  • Adult Day Service Facilities (Social and Medical)
  • Emergency Response Services 

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