Options Counseling

Planning now for living well at home.

If you want to stay at home as you get older, it takes careful planning now. A knowledgeable Options Counselor from SeniorsPlus can walk you and your family through the planning process.

Your "Live Well Plan Now" process centers around you - your needs, values and circumstances.

An Options Counselor will work with you, family members, significant others, and/or friends to make a plan that fits and works for you.

Your Options Counselor is an expert in resources available in your community - housing, in-home, legal, etc.

Who should use "Live Well Plan Now"

  • A person needing ongoing help around the house or help with their personal care and who does not want to go to a facility
  • A person, family or friend not knowing what to do next in order to plan for tomorrow.
  • A person who feels they are a burden to their family and/or caregivers.

For more information, call 1-800-427-1241 and ask for an Options Counselor.